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Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024



    A very sad update from Team Starry

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  • The best thing about it was seeing the joy on my son’s face at being able to run wild and unsupervised – a sense of freedom I took for granted at his age but, where we live at least, is now sadly missing.

    The Guardian
  • It was such a fantastic holiday! I was sceptical whether my almost 10 year old Xbox addict would enjoy it but I hardly saw him! Off playing and doing all the things kids should be doing!

  • Fifth year for us. Children absolutely love it, events, rain, mud, sun and all.

  • If you love the great outdoors, or wish you could spend more time in nature with your kids, then Starry Village is for you!

    Green Parent Magazine
  • This wasn’t just a glimpse of the childhood freedoms we enjoyed, it was a better a version of that childhood. One with fairy doors and glowing umbrellas, giant insects and even bigger water slides.

    Festival Kidz
  • Kids permanently entertained and therefore the adults were equally chilled. I love it in those fields and have post-festival blues now I’m home!

  • Thank you for re-setting my family and reconnecting me to my boys again. I could honestly weep with appreciation.

  • Without doubt the most relaxing and enjoyable family holiday we’ve had! Beautiful setting, warm atmosphere, fantastic activities and cracking bands. Already having requests for pen knives and pruning saws for Christmas!

  • We left with mud under our fingernails, more freckles and smiles on our faces. What more could you want?

    Motherland Magazine
  • It gives us time and space to remember and rediscover who *we* were as kids and consider who we want to be, as parents and as people. Thank you for enabling us starry eyed parents to roam free alongside our kids.

  • A chance to let go of our 21st century need to be constantly watchful of our children and to let them run off into the woods with their friends.

    Festival Kidz
  • I laughed, and I got muddy. And my son laughed with me, and got me muddier. And I exhaled and reconnected with my children.


What is it?

Starry Village (formerly known as Starry Skies) is a village-style, family camping retreat, from the team behind Shambala Festival, packed with activities, workshops, performances and live music. Our tiny size means you truly can relax whilst the kids roam free! Ours is a colourful community where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to play, learn, bond and co-create a hopeful future. All families should have access to wild nature, intergenerational play, experiences with 21st century skills, and a chance to experiment with sustainable living – and at Starry Village, they can.

Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024