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Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024


Starry Village is brought to you by Kambe Events Ltd – the team behind the award winning Shambala Festival.

From Starry Skies to Starry Village.

Since starting Starry Skies almost 10 years ago, the world has changed. We’ve changed, and our kids have changed. The need for community, restoration, and rest is even more needed. 

As parents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and siblings, we see the pressure and uncertainty weighing our family’s lives. We always intended to create an experience that brought the best of festivals together with the very best bits of a family camping holiday – and we still will – but we also feel a calling to help equip modern families to navigate the new challenges of our world ( the most fun and playful way possible!)

Why? Because none of us can do this alone.

Our kids can not find joy and thrive if the adults around them are depleted, stressed and feeling lost. Our families need to be able to rely on each other to raise the next generation to do better, be better, and rest more than we ever did! It takes a village, after all….

So, with full hearts and a big dollop of excitement, we’d like to invite all of you to join the Starry Village.  A safe space for curious kids and the adults who love them, to explore the needs of modern families together. 

Starry Village is a colourful community where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to play, learn, bond and co-create a hopeful future. All families should have access to wild nature, intergenerational play, experiences with 21st century skills, and a chance to experiment with sustainable living – and at Starry Village, they can. 

We have big ambitions for what this village can become, and we would like all of you – kids and grown ups alike – to be a big part of it. Your talent, imagination and playfulness has always inspired us, so stay tuned over the coming months, for heaps of opportunities for you and your families to contribute ideas and experiences – this is your village after all!

Fear not, Starry Skies regulars..

Starry Village is not a total re-invention of the event you know and love – more a regrounding of our core beliefs – we’re adding so much more, rather than taking anything away. 

We’ll still be an absolutely teeny, tiny, intimate event – so you can relax whilst your kids roam free. 

We’ll still be building our own adventure playgrounds. 

We’ll still be throwing shapes in fancy dress. 

We’ll still be crafting, making, learning, stretching, making merry and dancing to incredible live music, under the starry skies of Barton Hill Farm.

….but there’s an awful lot more to be discovered, that we can’t wait to share with you.

Until then, welcome to Starry Village.


Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024