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Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024


If you follow and adhere to the Scouts’ motto, “Be Prepared”,  then you’ll find that camping with kids can be brilliant!

Most of you are probably seasoned pros when it comes to living in the great outdoors but for any camping novices, here’s some useful info to help you on your way:


Obviously it goes without saying there are a few VERY essential items for camping. These include: a good tent; sleeping bags; sleeping mats and a camping stove. 


While we don’t encourage mega-tents on our intimate campsite, do make sure it’s ‘berth’ fits the appropriate number of humans in it – your tent has to be big enough for the family and for all the paraphernalia too. It’s important to make sure you have a groundsheet to match (lots of tents have this ready sewn in). It’s always worth having a practice putting up a new tent, to gauge the complexity of pitching up and packing down!

You’re welcome to bring along an awning or small gazebo for your camp too, if you can fit it in the car! 

Sleeping bags and mats

As for sleeping bags and mats, a trip to your local outdoor shop will save you winks as you won’t be freezing in the chilly night temperatures. Even in summer it’s worth having at least a two-seasons sleeping bag to stay toasty. Mats are vital for ensuring a comfy night under canvas, providing insulation underneath you. 

Camping Stove

There’s nothing quite like starting your day in the great outdoors with a warming mug of tea and a breakfast butty. As such you’ll need a small camping stove to cook up a warming brekkie for the family and thankfully there are some good lightweight options available. 

For recipe ideas, take a look at camping recipes.

And don’t forget that we will have a delicious array of food available from our wonderful traders onsite! 


Making small changes really helps make a difference, whilst educating our children about the measures we’re all going to have to take to reduce waste. Here’s a small inventory to help us all lower our impact:

♻️ Bring a water bottle for each family member – We don’t sell plastic water bottles, but there are many fill up points on site.

♻️ Remember your tea/coffee cups – We are avoiding the almost-impossible-to-recycle disposables this year, so please bring your own. You can wash them up at hot water sinks on site.

♻️ Even bring lunchboxes and cutlery – We’ll have serveware at our food trucks, but bringing your own is a great solution to reduce unnecessary waste. Each sugar pulp tray uses 2.1 litres of water to make.

Other important things to pack

⭐️ Fire wok/brazier – after coming along to our camp fire songs session you can carry on the singalong where you’ve pitched up!

⭐️ Plenty of warm clothes and some old clothes – you’ll need togs to keep you warm and dry, especially when hunkering down for campfire sessions and story time! 

⭐️ Torches and lamps – while our festoon lighting and woodland lanterns will show you the way, it’s important that everyone has a torch handy for navigating those guy ropes and so the kids can find their way back from our evening gigs. 

Camping checklist

As well as the major pieces of equipment and bedding it’s worth remembering all the other bits and bobs successful outdoor living requires…

Last but certainly not least… FANCY DRESS DISCO COSTUMES

The annual Starry fancy dress disco is the stuff of legend – we’ve had Ugly Bug Balls, Fairytale Creature, Birds of a Feather and a Night Sky Knees Up, to name just a few – and we never fail to be blown away by your creativity and crafting skills!

Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024