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Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024


At Kambe Events – the company behind Starry Village and Shambala Festival – we are well known for our pioneering and award winning green event credentials.

Starry Village is all about dreaming up the future, honouring the present, and learning from the past. Sustainability and regeneration is at the heart of our visioning. We want to make sure the world is a verdant and vibrant place for our little ones, so here’s what we’re up to…

We want to be as open and transparent as the starry skies above us, when it comes to sharing where we’re at and where we’re going. So, in the coming months and years we’ll be taking you lot along for the journey, through sharing detailed sustainability impact reports and long term goals, to help us work together to reduce our festival footprint on our beautiful home planet. 

Here’s our 2023 sustainability impact report which provides detail and data about the festival, and an outline of where we’re heading.  

And now, here’s what we need you, our wonderful villagers, to do:


We have amazing, eco-friendly compost loos from Natural Events. There are no nasty chemicals, and no water is wasted with only recycled paper loo roll. Just remember; scoop up some sawdust to cover your poop.… and enjoy the artwork on the back of the doors! 


We do not sell single use plastic water bottles at Starry Village – so you will need to bring your own reusable bottles, which you can refill for free.

We also don’t provide disposable hot drink cups (they’re a nightmare to recycle) so don’t forget your camping mugs!

If you want to take it a step further, and bring a lunchbox and cutlery, our planet (and our crew) will love you for it! 

Separate your rubbish and recycling at your campsite, and use our facilities.

Be mindful of single use plastic, can you avoid it? Using zero-waste shops on the way to Starry Village, or by getting food on site, from our wonderful traders and our campsite shops.


We provide lovely, free showers for you to use at Starry Village – but please avoid excessively long showers ( getting water to a field is no mean feat!)
Research and use only eco-friendly soaps and shampoos (avoid plastic, petroleum, palm oil, parabens etc.)


Starry Village is, unfortunately, not in a location that is brilliantly served by public transport. However, if you can, consider car sharing with friends/family – ensuring there is a bum on every seat in your car does make a difference to our travel mile emissions! 


When you’re buying your car park or campervan/caravan passes, we pop a small levy on the top (£1.50 for car, £2.50 for campervans) – these funds are donated in their entirety to Ecolibrium – where they are invested in renewable energy projects. 

…And here’s what we’re doing!


We collect a huge amount of sustainability data each year, to help us map our impact in detail, with the aim of reducing it year on year. 

We’re also working on: 


Innovating with our energy providers and getting even smarter on power to: 

  • Reduce the number of generators we need,
  • Eventually run everything off HVO* 
  • Explore bio-gas for our cooking 

*a fossil-free alternative to mineral diesel, which causes 90% less GHG emissions


  • Cooking up plans with our Food Traders on the sourcing of their ingredients.
  • Finding more local, regenerative-minded suppliers in the surrounding area. 
  • Encouraging more healthy, eco, plant-based options on all menus. 
  • And avoiding unhealthy, processed foods and meats. 


Separation is key, but we need your help! We are going to:

  • Make it easier, clearer and funner to separate recyclables with the little ones. 
  • Improve our recycling rates and reduce contamination resulting in general waste.
  • We’d like to separate out niche items like flexible plastics to reduce plastic pollution**
  • Beg, borrow and… source second-hand, upcycled and natural build elements for the festival. 

**currently supermarkets are the only place to recycle them as UK municipalities don’t have the infrastructure


Life is manic, it’s mayhem, not always easy to be mindful – we rarely stop moving! But there are some easy, quick wins, to help out Mother Earth. Here’s some things we’ve been doing, in our lives, that you may be able to consider…


  • Finding ways to support and protect our local area with our neighbours. 
  • Organising or joining litter picks to tidy up and recycle rubbish. 


  • Avoiding buying brand new. We already have billions of garments produced each year.
  • Find second-hand or natural fibres to prevent further degradation. Cheap things tend to be cheap for a reason..


  • Reducing unnecessary consumption if of course a no-brainer.
  • Support positive, transparent, smaller-scale companies who contribute to the good of people and planet. 


  • Toning down or removing animal produce from our diets (especially red meat and non-organic) 


  • Less holidays, more holistays! Keep it local to avoid international air emissions, which aren’t accounted for by any country.

Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024