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Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024


About the site

As an open-air event held in the countryside, there are some limitations on site brought up by the land. Starry Village is based on a small and intimate site. All accessible camping & glamping spots are located very close to the main arena. This is the hub of Starry Village, with our Starry Stage & bar, food court and various workshop tents.

In wet and muddy weather it might be the case that some people have problems with access when using wheelchairs (particularly powered chairs). We will of course do our best to keep everyone moving, but please do be aware that this is an open air event in a grassy field and we cannot guarantee the ground conditions.

While there is a hardcore track that runs through the site, it needs to be noted that this is a vehicle route and attendees will need to keep to the grass where the entertainment areas are. There are some natural hills and inclines across site, however the main hub of entertainment is relatively flat. The main entrance to the woodland is at the bottom of a slight decline and within the woods the ground is undulating and has some tree root coverage.

Starry Village does have some wheelbarrows to help move gear from the parking areas, these must be returned once you’re done to allow others to use them.

Accessible Services Available

  • Accessibility aid charging point
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets
  • RADAR key hire scheme
  • Wheelchair accessible shower
  • Accessible Camping Area
  • Accessible parking
  • Lowered bars
  • Cold storage for medicine¬†(please bring in a labelled box to the medical tent)

Personal Assistant Tickets

Free carer Personal Assistant (PA) Adult tickets are available to support attendees on PIP, DLA middle or higher rate allowances, CredAbility Access Card, evidence of being registered severely sight impaired and a recognised Assistance Dog ID Card. Any person qualifying for a free PA ticket is also entitled to a free vehicle pass. Proof of DLA, PIP, Credibility Access Card or Assistance Dog ID card must be provided.

If the person in your party who requires a PA is a child, you do need to pay for the child ticket and one adult ticket, but can then claim a free PA ticket as a second adult ticket, to give you some extra help on site. The free PA ticket cannot be the only adult ticket in your party.

Eligibility for a PA Ticket does not necessarily entitle purchasers to a space in the Accessible Camping Area (ACA) and associated vehicle park. The ACA is provided for those with mobility and/or other specific needs.

To request your free PA ticket, arrange a space in the Accessible Camping Area (ACA), or access any of the above services, please fill in the accessibility application form here.

Please email for more information or if you have any additional questions.  


Please direct any ticket related queries directly to our ticket agents (The Ticket Sellers) or give them a call on 0121 472 6688.


The above information is written with visitors in mind, but also applies to all members of the Starry Village crew, traders and any artists performing at the festival. If you are a member of one of these groups and feel you have special requirements, please fill in the Accessibility Application Form or email us at

Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024