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Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024


Where The Kids Roam Free

In a world of smart phones, tablet computers and relentless reruns of children’s TV series, enjoying the great outdoors has almost become a forgotten pastime for today’s kids. A recent survey by the National Trust showed that fewer than 10 per cent of children play out in the wild compared with almost half of us a generation ago, and that a third have never even climbed a tree!

We think this is a sad reflection on our cotton-wool-encased culture where we’ve become so overprotective that our children are no longer exposed to the rough and tumble of the real outdoors. Children should be encouraged to get outside and get stuck in; otherwise we risk losing all those essential outdoor skills handed down through the generations.

Of course, as parents, we often don’t feel comfortable allowing our kids to go off exploring in the way that many of us did in our own childhood. That’s why camping is so perfect for young families. Camping provides the freedom children need to run around, build dens, see some wildlife and get ridiculously grubby. Starry Skies hopes to create the best campsites for families in the UK.

What your kids should definitely be doing at Starry Skies this summer:

  • Going feral (and you not minding!)
  • Making loads of new friends.
  • Learning new skills like baking bread or hunting for insects
  • Rolling down a big hill until they get dizzy
  • Climbing trees!
  • Sleeping like logs after all the fresh air
  • Showing off their grubby knees

Click HERE for more info on activities

*Please note whilst we want to make Starry Skies as safe as possible and have trained medics on site, it is a natural environment with the associated dangers that nature can pose. We cannot accept responsibility for the safety of you or your children and expect you to take reasonable care for your families well being.

Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024