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Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024



Dreaming of scaling trees, scraping knees, roaming free through Cobbler’s Grove or singing around the campfire at Centre Camp? Us too! Gather the tribe

“For me the best thing about it wasn’t all the organised fun, it was seeing the joy on George’s face at being able to

We’re constantly hearing in the media that an over protective society means we’re raising a generation of children who have never scraped their knee,

  Hey campers! We have a challenge for you.. With technology becoming an increasingly dominant presence in our daily lives, it can seem like

With a petite capacity of 250 families, Starry Skies encourages a neighbourly spirit and a friendly ‘around the campfire’ atmosphere amongst parents and children

Starry Skies is all about providing a beautiful setting and unique activities for families to reconnect with nature and the great outdoors…

Getting back to nature really couldn’t be easier at Starry Skies

Find out what happened last year.

Our mission is to create the perfect family camping holiday. Will you join us?

What’s the recipe to make camping a pleasure for families?

Happy, free-range children

Stuff to do whatever your age; whatever the weather!

Kentchurch Estate, Herefordshire

25th-28th July, 2024